Why Are We Running Together?
By running together we can offer voters a clear choice -- three neighbors who won't always agree on every issue but can be counted on to remain faithful to the core values of competent fiscal management and an open, transparent and inclusive City government.learn more
Who Supports Us?
Former City Council persons publicly endorsing us include Harriet Oppenheimer, Bob Price, Ron Herrmann, Sean McNelis, Blair Young and Joe Izbrand. Jeff Judson, the current Mayor Pro Tem and Councilman, also has publicly endorsed us. And many of your neighbors not only support us but actively encouraged us to seek positions on the City Council. learn more
What Can You Do to Help?
We live in a small, cohesive community where neighbors know each other and respect each other's opinions. Please join us in a civil discourse on the course we should chart for Olmos Park.learn more
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